MENTEP produced a number of resources for teachers, policy makers and anyone else interested in teachers' competences. Here you can find an extensive list of all deliverables, publications, reports, brochures and other resources produced during the project.



The MENTEP final report and the MENTEP Executive Summary summarize the MENTEP research results.

The MENTEP self-evaluation report provides the results of testing TET-SAT as a certification tool and the overall conclusions on implementing the policy experimentation.

In this short brochure, you find the MENTEP policy experimentation research method & results at a glance.

To learn more about the qualitative feedback from teachers on TET-SAT, check out this this report.

Finally, TET-SAT as one key output of the project is available here. Upon request, it is also available as an OER.


Do you want to know more about the research results in the light of the national context of the 11 field trial countries? Check out the 11 workshop reports below.


Other key outputs are the videos below explaining TET-SAT and the project:


Learn more about the 3 MENTEP Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) here.

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