Join our Online Course: Promoting Technology-Enhanced Teaching


Do you want to access a new online tool to self-assess your technology-enhanced teaching and learn how to run a policy experimentation with teachers? Then join the online course 'Promoting Technology-Enhanced Teaching' starting on 23 April 2018.

This course invites policymakers, school heads and teachers to discuss the results of the MENTEP policy experimentation. More than 7000 teachers in 11 countries participated in the field trials that aimed at testing the impact of TET-SAT, a newly developed online tool for teachers to self-assess their technology-enhanced teaching. Thanks to the eager participation of the randomly selected teachers, MENTEP is one of the biggest experimentations in education across Europe.

This course gives you an exclusive opportunity to be among the first ones in Europe to:

  • get access to TET-SAT, a concrete tool that helps teachers to reflect on their own technology-enhanced teaching
  • learn about the MENTEP research results: how teachers evaluated the TET-SAT tool
  • get detailed insights into how to run a policy experimentation with teachers
  • get concrete examples of how you can test TET-SAT in your own country, region, city or school

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