MENTEP national workshops to discuss results in Italy


On 7 December 2017, participants discussed the MENTEP results during their national workshop in Firenze. As several researchers attended the workshop, a good part of the discussion focused on the methodology of the policy experimentation.

“Randomized controlled trials are an easy idea but not easy to implement”, Giovanni Abbiati of IRVAPP highlighted. The fact that it is not easy to motive teachers to fill in surveys was discussed also in this workshop. “School heads are crucial to motivate teachers”, according to Gabriella Taddeo (INDIRE). Daniela Cuccurullo, teacher in Napoli described TET-SAT as a “metacognitive tool, contextualized with scenarios that helps teachers to realize what they are able to do or not in the classroom”. At the end of the workshop, Andrea Benassi demonstrated how he works with teachers on the Edmondo platform. Watch in the video below:

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