A diverse audience came together at the national workshop to discuss results in Portugal


The workshop on 12 January 2018 brought together a diverse group of stakeholders: teachers, universities, school heads, ICT competence centers and teacher training organisations.

“TET-SAT is a nice tool. Other similar tools I tried included too many questions”, one school head said. One point of discussion was why only 1 in 3 invited teachers used TET-SAT. “This is an acceptable rate since teachers were only invited via email respecting the principle ‘No one forced, no one denied”, said Giovanni Abbiati (IRVAPP).

It is difficult for teachers to find time to reflect on their activities during the school year, according to one researcher. Working on short-term contracts also prevents some teachers from engaging in such activities, another participant added. Several researchers were interested to explore the MENTEP research results further. “We really need such tools. They are very interesting and can help us shape our teacher training”, concluded one researcher from the University of Lisbon.

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