MENTEP national workshops to discuss results in Estonia


The national workshop in Tallinn on 16 January 2018 gathered stakeholders from the Ministry, schools, research and teacher training. Patricia Wastiau (European Schoolnet) highlighted that self-assessment was considered as an important first step by the policy makers involved in the project.

“End of May, TET-SAT will become available as an Open Educational Resource. Then, the country level can enter into the scene and implement the tool according to their own needs”, according to Wastiau. “The most interesting feature of TET-SAT is the possibility to compare yourself with other teachers”, said one teacher. Workshop participants were particularly interested in the research methodology and the national data about teachers in Estonia.

Several workshop participants agreed that teachers in Estonia are sometimes sceptical about the use of ICT in the classroom. Workshop participant Linda Helene Sillat, Tallinn University had already carried out her own pilot testing TET-SAT with 86 Bachelor and 21 Master students. She presented the results of this pilot during the MENTEP final conference on 27 March in Brussels.

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