MENTEP organised three Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in total. The MOOCs are delivered via the European Schoolnet Academy. All course materials are still openly available – all you need to is to register to the Academy and join the course.

1. Promoting Technology- Enhanced Teaching

Course duration: 23 April – 24 May 2018.

Description: This course gave teachers, school heads and policy makers an exclusive opportunity to be among the first ones in Europe to:

  • get access to TET-SAT, a concrete tool that helps teachers to reflect on their own technology-enhanced teaching
  • learn about the MENTEP research results: how teachers evaluated the TET-SAT tool
  • get detailed insights into how to run a policy experimentation with teachers
  • get concrete examples of how they can test TET-SAT in their own country, region, city or school

Module 1: TET-SAT: a new online self-assessment tool for teachers

Module 2: Testing TET-SAT – Results from a policy experimentation

Module 3: Taking TET-SAT further – how to test TET-SAT in your own context

2. Progressing Technology-Enhanced Teaching (This course run twince. The second round was open to everyone)

Course duration: 13 November – 13 December 2017.


As a first step, the TET-SAT tool provided teachers with feedback and resources that can help them to improve their own technology-enhanced teaching.

As a second step, teachers were invited to describe examples from their own teaching to illustrate the 5 competence levels of the tool, from beginner to expert. On that basis, they could converse with other teachers about concrete teaching examples using digital tools.

Module 1: Identifying competency examples for the TET-SAT tool

Module 2: Developing your self-assessment in TET-SAT

Module 3: Peer review to develop TET-SAT

3. Introducing Technology-Enhanced Teaching

Course duration: 28 September – 1 November 2015.

Description: Over this first course's 4 modules, course participants looked at how TET competence is currently defined in national and international frameworks, and how certain countries are using online assessment tools to monitor this. They also explored how teachers' TET competence can be meaningfully assessed with a particular focus on the role of online self and peer-assessment. At the heart of the course were the examples of teachers' experiences of using their TET competence to effectively teach their students.

Module 1: What is Technology- Enhanced Teaching (TET) competence?

Module 2: How can TET competence be meaningfully assessed?

Module 3: Existing online assessment tools for TET competence

Module 4: Teachers as learning designers and peer reviewers