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How can policy-makers support teachers in developing their technology- enhanced teaching competence?

Two-thirds of teachers in the European Union learn about ICT in their own time, and almost all are positive about the impact of ICT on students, according to the Survey in schools: ICT and education (2013). However, despite this readiness, many teachers in Europe still have a lack of competence in using ICT in their teaching and use it only to a small extent in their classrooms.

Key activities

The MENTEP (MENtoring Technology-Enhanced Pedagogy) project addresses the need in Europe for teachers able to innovate using ICT in their classroom and for improved data on teachers’ digital competence. Based on this premise, MENTEP investigates the potential of an online self-assessment tool to empower teachers to progress in their Technology-Enhanced Teaching (TET) competence at their own pace.
  • Project partners will developed a common tool together and test it in field trials in 11 partner countries.
  • The new online self-assessment tool - reliable, user-friendly and sustainable – is based on similar existing tools. Teachers using the tool are able to access resources and support via national portals. The tool will be available in it's final version in May 2018. It will be possible to review and adapt the final tool to future needs.
  • Around 1000 teachers in each participating country participated to the field trials to test the impact of the new tool. Anonymized data collected via the online tool will facilitate the monitoring of teachers’ digital competence at individual, country and EU level.  This will make it possible to show the impact of the tool on the professional development of teachers.
  • The project is also investigating the feasibility of a European-wide certification of TET competence.

Key outcomes

  • Boosting teachers’ competence and confidence to use ICT in the classroom
  • Increasing the number of teachers able to innovate using ICT
  • Enhancing the uptake of ICT in teaching and learning
  • Strengthening the professional profile of the teaching profession
  • Improving data on teachers’ digital competence and training needs
  • Promoting stronger coherence between EU and national approaches to the assessment of Technology-Enhanced Teaching competence

Project facts

  • Funding: The MENTEP project is a European Policy Experimentation funded by the European Commission via the Erasmus+ programme
  • Duration: From March 2015 until May 2018
  • Coordinator: European Schoolnet (, a network of 30 Ministries of Education from across Europe
  • Partners: 16 partners in 13 countries

How can policy makers benefit from MENTEP?

  • Join our MOOC “Promoting Technology- Enhanced Teaching” (23 April – 23 May 2018). The course provides will provide policy-makers/shapers, school heads and teachers with the opportunity to learn more about the TET-SAT tool. Moreover, it will specifically address the MENTEP policy experiment and results, detailing the whole process. The MOOCs will be delivered via the European Schoolnet Academy: Read more about the MOOCs.
  • Make the tested and validated TET-SAT tool available to your teachers and adapt it to your own context.
  • Get access to solid evidence about progression of teachers in  their TET competence and how teachers can be supported to increase that competence.
  • Follow the project’s development and outcomes on MENTEP’s website and social media.


The MENTEP project is a European Policy Experimentation funded by the European Commission via the Erasmus+ programme. This website reflects the views only of the authors and it does not represent the opinion of the European Commission, and the European Commission is not responsible or liable.

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