The MENTEP (MENtoring Technology-Enhanced Pedagogy) project is a European Policy Experimentation funded by the European Commission via the Erasmus+ programme.

MENTEP addresses the need in EU policies for teachers able to innovate using ICT and for improved data on their digital competence. It also tackles the need to enhance the uptake of ICT in teaching and learning, to promote stronger coherence between different EU and national transparency and recognition tools, and strengthen the professional profile of the teaching profession. According to the recent Survey of Schools: ICT in Education, two-thirds of teachers in the EU learn about ICT in their own time, and almost all are positive about ICT impact on students. Despite this readiness, the Survey revealed that teachers’ ICT use in lessons and confidence in their digital competency has to increase

MENTEP aims to: 

  • Develop a reliable, user-friendly and sustainable tool for teachers to self-assess progress in Technology-Enhanced Teaching (TET) competence
  • Test the tool’s usefulness, its effect on TET competencies and peer learning
  • Provide policy-makers with a national and EU picture of teachers’ TET competency, its evolution over a school year and training needs
  • Identify optimal conditions for the tool to be used
  • Disseminate and sustain the tool, the experimental approach and the findings
  • Investigate the feasibility of European-wide certification of TET competence
  • Increase national capacity in running field trials and policy experimentation 
The experimental measure is a policy measure in 13 countries to enable teachers to monitor their TET competence (="proficiency in using ICT in teaching, applying pedagogic and didactic judgment, and being aware of its implications for learning") using a tool and  portal of relevant existing support materials and functionalities on national portals, one in each country in the project.

MENTEP’s goal is to monitor and improve teachers’ TET competency. Its objectives:

  • Obtain individual and aggregated data, comparable across countries and over time, on TET competence and training needs using an online tool
  • Empower teachers to self-direct their professional development using the tool as a mentor, identifying gaps and automatically generating training suggestions
  • Link the tool to a portal in countries for support and training
  • Develop a freely adaptable process for conducting randomised controlled field trials


As a first step, the MENTEP literature review (July 2015) discusses relevant literature on online self-assessment.


The MENTEP project is a European Policy Experimentation funded by the European Commission via the Erasmus+ programme. This website reflects the views only of the authors and it does not represent the opinion of the European Commission, and the European Commission is not responsible or liable.

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